Cooperative Fund for Rural Education Foundation

It was set up in 1991 in Warsaw. Organization president directs Danuta Kryska.

The main objective of the Foundation is working to promote sustainable development of small towns and villages and promote socio-economic development of these areas. The institution undertakes a number of projects in economic, social and cultural life and supports regional and interregional cooperation in this field.

Provides training for various professional groups including teachers and educational personnel, organizes courses, seminars and consultations for entrepreneurs, take educational initiatives for children and young people, promotes tourism and local products, working with local authorities and institutions of social life by initiating a project of local, regional, national and international levels. Has extensive experience in preparing and implementing projects with the European Union.

In pursuing its statutory objectives SFOW Foundation, in particular:

- Supports local development through cooperation with local communities, local government leaders, entrepreneurs and business organizations,

- Builds agreement between NGOs and the public sector through information activities, training and advisory

- Conducts studies and makes recommendations for rural development policy in Europe, notably through cooperation with international organization Apure - University Rural Development (European Commission advisory body),

- Inspired by the problems of rural research and uses these results in establishing educational and training needs for different environments,

- Draws conclusions and implement application projects funded by the European Union,

- Organizes symposia, seminars and workshops for national and international, to promote the idea of rural development,

- Organizes teacher training and those involved in educational institutions,

- Takes part in the development of curricula, teaching aids, textbooks and methodological materials, by including the publishing and printing,

- Provides assistance to schools, social organizations, educational institutions operating and educational, runs its own schools and training centers for educating cadres of workers cooperatives, enterprises, institutions, and local activists,

- Organizes the meager qualification and training seminars for business,

- Keeps a hotel and conference facilities,

- conducts internships and apprenticeships, working with labor market institutions,

- Conducts charitable activities, primarily supporting children and youth from poor families and orphanages.

The Foundation runs the regional centers in the country, among which the leading role is played Advisory Center and Staff Training (Ośrodek Doradztwa I Doskonalenia Kadr) in Sucha Beskidzka. ODiDK director has been Maria Grzechynka - for over 10 years.
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